Jingle Bells!

Dear Friends,

Well, it certainly is a Jingle Bells Event in MN right now....winter has arrived - beeping its horn! Most of the state has now been blanketed with anywhere from 3 inches to 10 inches of snow, and a howling wind to go with it. For those of us who live down a country gravel road,  driving is near treacherous! Over the years however, I have learned a few things. Deep, but soft and fluffy snow means go slow, and you will still get through even though your car may be low to the ground. For deep snow, that is either sticky wet, or near frozen due to very cold temps, go fast "gun it" or you won't get through. Either way, it becomes a white-knuckles event, and thankfully, we have tractors on hand for the invariable phone call that comes..."I'm in the ditch." 

Regardless of the extra "work factor" that the snow brings, it is festive and perfect to get you into the holiday spirit! (And as Tami, BMS Bookkeeper says, "IT SURE IS PRETTY," every single time it snows !!) Today also kicks off our December Holiday Open House event, now through Sunday. We hope to see some of here : )

The past week or two has had me on the road to and from Minneapolis "on press." We now have several new cards to offer, including Peony Blush, Peony Magenta, BE THE GOOD Angel piece, and several Christmas Cards back in stock. New prints include 8x10s of both RENEW and LIVING TODAY, and prints of CUP OF LIFE, and BORN A BEAUTY. Check it out...lots of new gifting ideas. Also NEW, you can now order and electronically print off a GIFT CERTIFICATE from Bonnie Mohr Studio - how simple is that!!

Thanks for reading....keep on jingling!