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A GREAT IDEA... From the Studio.

A recent guest at Bonnie Mohr Studio shared something with me, and I'd like to share it with you. She was kind, polite, and just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. She and her friend meandered throughout the studio, enjoying every moment as they went, commenting on many things along the way. As she stepped to the register to check out, she expressed how happy she was that I'd decided to print the 'Living Life' tree in notecards. She said the three packages of 'Living Life' note cards that she was purchasing would go in her purse and be used as "sharing cards". She knew by the look I gave her, that I didn't know what a "sharing card" was...and so she explained. She said, "I keep these in my purse, and when I meet someone or am with someone, whom I think needs a little lift, or just a kind gesture, I give them one of these cards. I don't write on it or anything... the message on the inside of this card is so meaningful and can give someone just the encouragement they need. I tell them they can do whatever they like with the card. Some will keep it for themselves, and some will pass it around to their family, and some will just give it to the next person who needs a lift." She smiled, and her eyes twinkled, and I thought.....this is the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you! All of us at Bonnie Mohr Studio wish you a Blessed and Happy Christmas Season! Thanks for reading,