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It's that crazy time of year

The blitz is on with last minute preparations for the Bonnie Mohr Studio Open House this week!! We hope you will be able to join us this Thursday-Sunday for our Holiday Open House. It is crazy to think that it is really this time of year already... but I guess we will go with it - full speed ahead!! Please stop in and check out our great deals, get a free prize, and sample the goodies - I will personally be baking for you!!
AROUND THE STUDIO.... REMINDER!! Today is a good day to place your Christmas Card order - supplies are still great. Our cards come packaged in 10's of the same, and you can read the inside verses, and see the complete selection on our website! I have finished my corporate commission painting that has been on my easel. Once I get the clients approval, I will let you have a look!! I will now be spending about a week to 'tweak' five older paintings that I did over the last year or two, and have been sitting there collecting dust, all awaiting their last couple of hours of final touches! THEN... I will move on to working on a 'follow-up' painting to Living Life. It's tough to keep the brushes going during this busy time of the year with holidays, Open House, etc... but I vow to sneak in an hour here or there, whenever I can.
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... The weather has been beautiful. We have been blessed with two weeks of sunshine and 50-60 degree temps. Thank God! Things are on the downhill now, as I would say the crops are 70% out, and much soil has been turned. It will be a 'push' to keep going hard though, as next week, the weather people are talking about daytime highs in the 20?s. Burr!!
FAMILY MATTERS... What happens when your oldest child comes home from college - well it was the biggest group hug I've ever seen my children involved in... not sure I've ever seen that much condensed love at one moment in time, amongst my kids - EVER!! It was a moment that warmed my heart, and I had to get a picture. The kids are all doing well in school - anxiously looking forward to Thanksgiving Vacation, and enjoying a break between sports. Taylor celebrated her 15th birthday, and yes,... you do see my world famous Chocolate Pound Cake right before your very eyes. John was quite proud - he told a neighbor -"Yeah, she didn't even use a box cake or anything - all homemade!" Today... Read a little. Dream a little. Live, love, laugh and learn a little! Thanks for reading.