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Inspiration In The Air

Inspiration is in the air, and in the green grass, and in the budding trees, and in the blooming tulips! In my world, spring is the most exciting season of all - each year, when I witness the world coming alive again, after a long winter's sleep, I have to think it is all a miracle. It invigorates and inspires me. I've already taken the 5-1/2 mile jaunt around the neighborhood block, planted flowers, and I am now refurbishing the mulch in all of the flower beds. (Well, actually I have help on the last two items : )) Today is Spring Field Day at school, tonight, a graduation party, and on Sunday, the Senior Awards Banquet! The school year is winding down quickly, and as usual, I am amazed at how life can seem like a blink! Bonnie Mohr Studio has been active these days! We are averaging two tour groups per month at the shop and we love it! Like a kettle of soup, each group has its own flavor, but for the most part, it is always a congenial group of people, who want to be there (except maybe the bus driver!) and eagerly await my 10-minute spiel (German for talk.......huh, what do you know - I am bilingual after all! My grandpa used to use this word, and I inadvertently have been using it my whole life, not even realizing it was German until I thought about it now.) Anyway, our doors are open to host your group no matter how big or small. We are open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by appointment on weekends! And remember, our special offer going on through May 20 - order a gift certificate for $50 or more and receive a Bonnie Mohr Studio tote bag! Before I wrap this up, just a little bragging! It was a HUGE fishing opener this past weekend in our house. The boys headed down through our pasture and spent the weekend on the Crow River....what success....16 Northerns and 4 Walleye. It was a feasty fish fry in our house that night! What fun....happy fishing to all - 'tis the season : ) Wishing you blooming tulips, warm sunny days, and a wonderful spring! Thanks for reading...............Bonnie