Honorable Mentions

Because of the great response to our Milk Mustache Contest in honor of June Dairy Month, we decided to choose three photos and award them with a $25 "Honorable Mention" gift certificate to be used on Bonnie Mohr Artwork. Thank you to ALL of the submissions. What a fun month June was and we're so happy to see the great support of the dairy industry! Our first "honorable mention" goes to Brett and Shayne, with their happy smiles on their big red tractor!

Brett and Shayne

Here is our second "honorable mention," The Leach Girls, who had fun modeling their milk mustaches!

The Leach Girls: Erin, Sophie and Taylor

And here is our third "honorable mention," The Demeester Family, who got together to support the dairy industry and celebrate June Dairy Month!

Voight, Ron, Suzy and Julia

Hope you all had a good dairy month and thank you again to everyone who submitted photos! Thanks for reading.... Bonnie