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Holiday activities!

Greetings Dear Friends! I realize the last two weeks have been blog-absent... well, lets just say the business-smart-side of Bonnie Mohr checked out! My head told me to get this blog done for some time now, but the heart said 'take a break, spend time with your family - and regenerate'... the heart won. But, as I sit at the computer now to type this blog, the kids are out doing chores with John, the pantry shelves are barren with only a few crumbs of party leftovers and holiday treats, the needles from the Christmas tree lay neatly scattered on the floor, and the last day of Christmas Vacation is upon us all - reality sets in... time to get back to work people!!!
AROUND THE STUDIO... things have quieted down now, sadly so. Through all of the holiday festivities, I did manage to get some painting done even the week of Christmas. I will post some new pictures next week of some of the things I'm working on. Mostly we are regrouping, inventorying, and getting ready for the new year. Pictured here, is my great staff (and spouses) at our little Holiday Party! Thanks everyone for your great work and being a part of Bonnie Mohr Studio. You are the best!
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... lets just say that with these sub-zero temps we've been having,... farming isn't for wimps! In addition to getting the cows milked morning and night, getting every group of cattle fed twice a day, and scraping lots and bedding pens - John is scrambling to keep the drinking cups unfrozen, delivering new calves and trying to keep the equipment running. Dairy farming is no small feat in MN this time of the year. Hang in there honey! The kids have been a great help too! FAMILY MATTERS,... We've enjoyed lots of fun family moments in the last couple of weeks. One of the favorites was watching Zachary perform at the Holy Family Catholic School Christmas Program. What a joyous program, with great costumes, lighting, and microphones that really worked! My Christmas is complete when I see their program each year. We had several holiday get-togethers at our house, taught the kids new card games, enjoyed several pool tournaments, went pheasant hunting, wrestling, bowling, shopping, movies, and lots more. I'm exhausted - time to get back to 'normal', whatever that is!! Wishing you all a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!...Happy 2009. Thanks for reading...