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Happenings at Bonnie Mohr Studio


It's Sunday afternoon, and I shouldn't be working, but I am, because of a deadline hovering over my head.  After an abrupt interruption from the main floor (my studio is on the 2nd floor), I am back upstairs and will return to painting as soon as I finish this blog.  There came from downstairs, a very loud racket of clanking and banging.  I flew down the stairs sure the boys were either duking it out in the living room or fully engaged in something they shouldn't be.  I arrived to the bottom of the steps, yelling "What's all the noise, what's going on?".  Zach very calmly looked at me and said, it was nothing, he'd just put his ice skates in the dryer!!!  "OMG.  Stop the dryer I shout."  This is the moment you implore that they should ask you first, before they do things like this, and then walk away in disbelief that this is your kid - the child you have tried to raise - to make good choices!  At this same time you feel like bursting with laughter from a feeling of insanity!  I love them all - I just can't believe the things they come up with!

I am on the homestretch today with a new painting for a client project...I love this painting.  There is something about sheep, and I'm not exactly sure what it is, that gives me a sense of peace and calm. I don't own any sheep, or have a desire too, but I love their look. Maybe, it's because of the biblical connection they have to Jesus, who is our Shepherd.  Or maybe it's because I love the comfort of cotton T-shirts more than anything else.  Or maybe it's the hilarious memories I have of 'mutton busting'...I'm not sure, but at any rate - you will be seeing this print coming into reproduction sometime in 2011.  I'm thinking of calling this painting 'Nightfall'.  Feel free to email me if you have any other great suggestions.  I think it is always interesting to hear other people's perspective on an image. 

  Thank you to all who attended our Holiday Open House last weekend.  It is so good to see the people, who we at Bonnie Mohr Studio have made acquaintance with during the past year(s).  We enjoyed a wonderful turnout, despite the 8 inches of snow that fell on Saturday.  By 11am that morning, there were 14 four-wheel drive trucks in the yard..not even snowstorm conditions can keep away the most fervent shoppers in Minnesota! 

Please be sure to check out our on-line holiday offer, and we hope you will find some things on our website for gift giving this season for the special people on your list!!  Call with any questions you might have, and remember that if you would like - we will drop ship your order direct to the receiver!  For your convenience, we also offer drop-ship framing, to save you a few steps!  I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving  - enjoyed a day off work, some good food, and most of all the fellowship of the people you love most!  We are thankful for your support and kind words throughout the year, and as always send good wishes to you during this special time of the year!  Thanks for reading, Bonnie and the Staff