Give Thanks!

Give Thanks! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year! Family, fellowship, food and little stress in comparison to the frenzy of Christmas (which has seemingly overcome the world, stepping on its toes!). Maybe it's the origination of this holiday that resonates with me...when the Pilgrims gathered together to celebrate the bounty of a successful harvest. A farm kid my whole life, and now married to a farmer, I know the trials and tribulations of everything that goes into bringing in a crop each fall and how our livelihood is dependent on the fall harvest. The celebration of the Thanksgiving day and traditional turkey dinner is on my list of top ten joys in life! My house will be buzzing today with preparations for hosting tomorrow's holiday ;)

***When I flew in, I could see white on the ground, and I knew it wasn?t snow.  First time I was cotton fields!!***

This past week took me traveling, where I was invited to Westwind Elementary school in Lubbock, TX to speak to 600 K-5th graders as artist & author of ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS!  The children of Texas are beautiful, happy, inquisitive, and all want to come and see what Minnesota looks like....not only did they love my new book, but wanted to know what my favorite color is, what my favorite candy bar is, and what my husband looks like!  I'm perhaps a better artist than speaker, but it was a wonderful trip and I am honored to have had this opportunity....thank you Texas, your heart is as big as your state!

***I played a game with the kids, and gave away 3 books! So fun...this little girl was one of the winners, and so adorable!***

And so...on this eve of Thanksgiving Day, I would like to thank you dear friends and fans - for your support, encouragement, and love - your kind words and emails let me know that my life and my work has meaning and purpose.  I am brimming with excitement as I think about the journey of paintings that are swirling in my head, and will begin very soon!  We extend a personal invite to everyone for our Holiday Open House, on Saturday, December 6th from 9a-5p....and look forward to seeing you then! To keep up to date with Bonnie-- Be sure to LIKE our FACEBOOK page! 

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones! 

Thanks for reading...