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For the love of Peonies

"Umbrella" is the buzz word in MN this spring. We have had more rain here than any other spring I can remember! It has been a challenge to get the crops planted or get the hay made, but somehow there has always been a window of a few days where things dry out enough to sneak it in. Each season fascinates me, and how it unfolds - contingent on the weather. With the abundance of rain this year (and temps on the cooler side), we have seen the most beautiful and bountiful crop of peonies EVER, although they were late to bloom. These flowers are absolutely heavenly...I am posting a picture of my favorites, just outside my front door! Bonnie Mohr Studio welcomes the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom tour group, scheduled for a tour with us this Thursday! We are so happy to be included in your convention tour route! As with all tour groups, both the studio and barn will be ready for you, with a bonus 10% off any purchased art in the studio that day. Other big news: - we have begun preparation for our upcoming summer/fall show season (please see website for details) - we will be releasing NEW 8" x 10" mini prints of the Ideal Holstein Cow and Bull in the coming week - watch for details in the July newsletter - we are still on the homestretch of completing our new website ( I know, I know - it is taking longer than planned, but hey, we had a flat tire!) Thanks for stopping by the blog - Enjoy these last few days of JUNE! And keep sending your entries for the June Dairy Month Photo contest!! Bonnie