Fall Pastures

The country side and beauty of rural America hits a premium this time of year. I just couldn't resist sharing a snap of our girls out on pasture the other day.  Our cows enjoy 'pasture therapy' each day from around 11am - 3 pm, our version of stomp-drop-roll, run, play, bully and snort away, and release all the tension of their 2x a day milking job! We encourage our cows to work out their problems on pasture, enjoy the sunshine, and take time for sleep and relaxation while out there!! Happy cows make more milk!!

Meanwhile back at the shop, the office is regaining shape and order following the return of World Dairy Expo! With two tour groups in last week, our staff worked hastily to transform the studio back into a show ready destination. Gotta love the crunch of commitment - scheduling two tour groups for the week we return from World Dairy Expo seemed like a good idea 4 months ago - the feat was big, but the shop sparkled and shined thanks to the hustle of my staff - great job everyone! The tour groups were lovely and the weather cooperated too - we invite you to consider a tour to the countryside and a visit to Bonnie Mohr Studio sometime soon!

Speaking of a trip to the Studio, get out a pen and mark your calendar now....the countdown is on for our Holiday Open Houses coming soon on November 6-7 and December 4-5! We will feature in-house specials, wine and cheese on the evenings of the 6th and 4th, and of course the famous Becky Bakes cookies will be back again! We hope you will plan to join us for all the fun!

Just in, a refreshed selection of holiday Christmas Cards including four brand new designs.....check out the full selection here, and be sure to shop early while inventory is good!

Featured here is my personal favorite new card 'WE THREE QUEENS'. These three cows are part of our herd, and I know each one personally! Maggie (the red and white to the left) is a bossy 4 year old, 3rd stall on the right in our barn, front and center is Gert - do not mess with her and she chooses any stall she pleases, and Cindy on the right is one of our favorite Jerseys with a kind and tender personality! You can visit these three and our whole herd when you stop at the farm!  

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Thanks for reading - enjoy this day ;)