It is that time of year?..I officially enter the zone of "Hurry up more," "Get up even earlier," and "Which way to go first"!  The fall harvest is getting underway, football has officially begun, school starts next week, and World Dairy Expo is less than 6 weeks away (YIKES...I AM STILL PAINTING and trying to make this deadline!) Thank goodness the garden went to weeds - it is one thing I can check off my list ;)

Now let's talk football!  Zach, our 10th grader, youngest, and the last child in our nest, is playing varsity this year for the Glencoe-Silver Lake Panthers.  There was a time, I thought he loved me more than anything in the world...WRONG!  It is Football!!  John and I sat through our, very exciting, first scrimmage game on Saturday, in the rain, wearing several layers of clothes, a poncho, and under an umbrella.  Sorry, no pictures ;)  Hopefully the weather will be better for the next games, or I will have to get some superman binoculars and get there an hour early to park in front row to watch!

Zach is kneeling, next to the coach who is praying?  Maybe? Not sure? I have a lot to learn about football yet.

Now, I think Coach Dose really IS praying!  Why do they pray so much? 

Wait a minute - we have some action on the field...still praying!!

Now, it's Zach's turn...he is playing Cornerback! Isn't he cute?!!  Zach had to explain to me that this is different than Quarterback or Runningback!  

And that is Riley, one of his best friends ? also playing Cornerback!  These two have been playing sports together since preschool!

Oh look, he does still love me...checking to see if I'm still in the stands watching him!!

Seems like just yesterday...here's the little tyke in 3rd grade - I could tell he loved Football then too!

Back to work...stay posted friends, we have a lot of exciting things coming up in September!!

Loving football...still drying out!