BIRTHDAYS & beyond!!!

Calling all September Babies!!!  It is time to celebrate ;)  I love celebrations - and since my birthday is in September, I have already started to proclaim the good news to everyone.  I discovered a few years ago, that the more people you tell it's your birthday, the more presents you get.  Ha ha!  Just kidding, but really, it's kind of true ;)  I used to be so bashful about my birthday, and then one day I decided, "what the heck, I might as well tell all and live it up" ; )  Best decision of my life!!  Stay posted for a birthday surprise later this month!! (By the way, it's the 25th in case you are dying to know!)

This was me a couple years ago on my birthday...I know, you really didn't expect me to be the tiara kind of girl, did you?!  Here is me with Grandpa Mohr!  What a gem! (I know, to this day, I secretly wished I had a green Pioneer cap just like him!! LOL)

I'm actually so busy painting, I just hope I have enough time to celebrate my birthday...this could get tricky!  With ALL THE MANY requests I've had for new Christmas Card images..I am determined to get two new images painted in time for the holiday season!  Here is a sneak peak at one of them!

 I worked through Labor Day weekend, and made great progress.  (Don't worry, I did stop for a steak and glass of wine at the end of the day...I'm no dummy, it was a holiday weekend!! Dahh!) Anyway, stay posted friends; I have a couple of nice paintings that will be ready for your "card sending frenzie" this holiday season!

FOOTBALL UPDATE:  Well, well, appears that somewhere in my family history, someone had some athletic ability!  Our little Zach played his first varsity game this past Friday night in Foley MN.  He had 3 stunning tackles, and AN INTERCEPTION!!  Whoot whoot!  I am learning a lot, and I can cheer with the best of them!  It was a fabulous autumn night, and we enjoyed a great game, and won 42-17!!

Lets see...what else is new?!  MY NEW FARM ANIMAL SERIES, that's what!!  Please check out the long awaited release of my new Farm Animal Series HERE!  These images are now available in print and giclees form!  Perfect for the babies room, the toddler's room, the play room, the pre-school room, or your kitchen for that matter ;)  I hope you will enjoy these images!

Love to all-

Happy Fall and thanks for reading ;)