Come One, Come All!

IT IS TIME!!  Time to plan your summer travels and vacation schedule!! It's time to take time to make some memories, discover new sites and travel across Minnesota or across the country!! So pack a cooler - you decide what goes in there.........(Hint: ham sandwiches travel much better and much farther than egg salad sandwiches ; ) wear something comfy (Hint: stretchy pants are perfect, remember this is a vacation - there will be lots of eating and drinking!) and hit the road. We cordially invite you to visit Bonnie Mohr Studio this summer as you gallivant across the country! It's true, we are open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm.  Always have been, always will be - If you would like to stop by on a weekend, just give us a call and we will arrange someone to be here for you! Click HERE to book your visit!

Who should visit Bonnie Mohr Studio?  Everyone! Bring your kids, bring your pets, bring a tour group - We love everyone - come one come all. You can stroll about the farm too - Stella would love to show you around.  

Delivering a group of cattle or heading to a horse show?.....stop on by for a visit as you pass through Glencoe, plenty of room to park a trailer on our farm!  (Did you know we have great horse art as well as dairy art?!)

Is your company hosting a large group of people? Maybe you have 50 or 100 people coming to town for a convention or conference? We love big groups too!

Or maybe it's just you and the kids looking for something fun to do - you can see a real live dairy farm and an art gallery all in one stop at Bonnie Mohr Studio!

You might even get to see John in action working the cattle!

You will love the drive - it's beautiful out here. We are just down a country gravel road, with the scenic Crow River running through our pasture. Drive nice and slow though, we have lots of deer, wild turkey and a few of the neighbors dogs out and about.  You might even catch glimpse of the Bald Eagles that nest on our land!

Happy Trails..............