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'COLD' is the buzzword here in MN!! We've had subzero temps and nasty wind chills now for about a week or so. This is the time of year you feel for the people who have to work outside! my husband for instance!.....he spent 3 hours one morning unfreezing 15 cattle waterers! The cattle were thankful...! Things are looking up though, suppose to be near 30 degrees by Sunday. Well to be honest folks....there is no lightning bolt news to report from my studio. This week I am getting ready for the Winter Carnival at the school this Sunday, running the auction in particular, taxiing kids to dentist and orthodontist, and revamping (and cleaning) my studio. In short, I am pretty much playing the role of domesticated housewife, beloved mother of 5, and local volunteer to the school?......I love every moment of it. This is where that 'patience thing' plays a huge role in reassuring the artist in me, that I'll be painting again, one day soon. Although, I did do a 1 hour phone interview this morning for an upcoming magazine article - it was fun, always kind of strange to talk about yourself in such detail with a complete stranger over the phone. But everything went very well!! (More details later) So.....stay warm (I'm thinking chili soup sounds good today) and thanks for reading! -Bonnie