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Around the farm

THE   COLD   CONTINUES... 40 below wind chills today in MN, many of the schools are two hours late or canceled. I guess this wouldn't be a very good day to make a snowman!! Its suppose to warm up though in a few days, so we will hope for the best. This would be a good time for a vacation to a warm spot!! WINTER   CARNIVAL   A   SUCCESS,... this past Sunday was our annual Winter Carnival for Holy Family School and Church. We had a great day, a good crowd and as usual a stampede to the Bingo tables!! Our Silent Auction which I chaired brought in over $6,000 and the children's pottery sales reached $350. This is sort of like Christmas - you do it for the kids - and when you see their happy little faces as they have just won their 4th liter of pop, you know it's all worth the effort. My little boys brought 3 full plastic bags of 'treasures' home - lucky us!! (Smile, smile) All in all, a great day! Gotta run, wishing you all a 'Happy Mid-Winter'! Thanks for reading,