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Busy Spring

If time could be bottled and sold, I'd be going out for a few cases of it right now!! I'm in a frame of... no matter how early I get up or how late I stay up... my 'TO DO' list isn't getting any smaller. Maybe I need to work smarter... I wonder if they bottle that? Anyway, to my huge delight, spring is truly upon us - we have already mowed the lawn, planted the garden, and I've purchased my first batch of flowers! (I hope there are flowers in heaven!)
AROUND THE STUDIO... the 'SPRING PARTY' at Bonnie Mohr Studio is now but a memory. Thank you everyone who shared in this wonderful day with us. It really was a party - a big turnout, fun people, good food and lots of great deals! We will plan for this event again next year!! I'm taking a brief 'time-out' from painting to prepare for our oldest daughter's graduation. I plan to continue with illustration of a children's book, which I have been commissioned for, ASAP. There is a long list of paintings - patiently waiting to happen. Stay tuned.
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... the crops are in the ground. We've had minimal rainfall, and only a few above average temperature days, so I would say that things are on a normal spring schedule. Jacob and Zachary give John a hand with spring planting on this picture - filling up with alfalfa seed.
FAMILY MATTERS... Senior, Amanda was off to Prom with date Josh! They had a wonderful time... dinner, dance and an all night lock-in at the high school. She informed me last night... only 17 more days of school for her! Jacob is becoming quite a marksman (is this correct terminology?) He surprised me at the front door one evening, with his prize shot. Since I love rabbits, I told him only one per year! (Poor little guy.) Last, but not least - I co-chaired our 4-H Club's Road Ditch Clean-up committee - we cleaned up 2 miles of Highway #22 in a record 1 hour and 15 minutes. I would have to admit, there is a very rewarding and prideful feeling that comes along with community service. If you haven't already - give it a try, and you'll see what I mean. Wishing you a productive and joyful spring day Thanks for reading...