Around the Studio

DEDICATION... Today's blog is dedicated as a "Thank You" to all the wonderful people who have touched my life in special ways, because of my artwork. Like most artists, there are times I struggle with feelings of - "Am I worthy? Is my work worthy? Does it mean anything to anyone?" And because my studio time is quite solitary, there is little interaction with anyone. I search for purposeful subject matter that will bring meaning to people's lives. I hope to evoke feelings of happiness, appreciation for all God's creation and mostly...pure enjoyment! I recently had a very unique and uplifting encounter with - lets just say a very kind and generous soul. His message of thankfulness, for the work I create was deep and meaningful. In my heart, his words gave me feelings of reverence and confirmation that what I'm doing is 'worthy' and 'purposeful'. Thank You. We all enjoy feeling appreciated!

IN THE STUDIO... I'm back behind the easel. That's all I will disclose for today. If your time permits, perhaps you can check back next week for a sneak peak. I hope to have something of substance to show you then!! FLAG REPAIR... back up she goes. I had to do a little sewing repair job on our MN Flag, which flies high overlooking our farmyard. John and the boys put her back up this morning as the boys were heading out the door for the bus!! As you can see... it is S T I L L snowing in MN!! The weathermen are predicting 40's for next week though, so we look forward to that. Have a wonderful day... Thanks for reading!!