Another Expo, Another Memory

Lana, Jayne, Bonnie and Nancie working at World Dairy Expo

Our 27th year of World Dairy Expo is all wrapped up and becoming a filed memory with each passing day!  Certainly our busiest week of the year, it is a time of fun and fellowship amongst our staff as well as all of the reunited friendships during this week long event. It is a test of endurance and inner strength; from setting up our booths, to heaving boxes and totes, to enduring sore throats from all the talking and sore feet from all the standing and walking!  It is one of those bitter sweet events of the you look forward to, and one you look forward to getting through. I would have to say there was a time I enjoyed bragging about how many shows I'd been there for...."This is my 18th Expo" I would cheer.  Now, just finishing up my 27th year, I am starting to feel a little like the woodwork around that place.  I start to wonder if people are wondering just how many years I will be at this show.  For example, this year there were two different people who commented, "Oh, I thought you would be much older - you've been here forever!" I take this as a compliment or insult? At any rate, it was wonderful again. Wonderful to see many special people who I see only once a year, wonderful to see some of the greatest cattle in the world, and wonderful to be strong, healthy, and able to do another show! The drive home on Sunday, (the day after it is all over) was marked with my normal tradition once again this year.  It is the one day of the year I allow myself to eat all day long, anything and everything and how ever much I want.  After watching my diet prior to the show (you know to fit into those special clothes you want to look good in), to not having time to eat at the show because you are just too busy, the day after is major "pamper me" day. I'm pretty much a mess by that, not only am I extremely tired, but feeling sick as well :)  Nonetheless, it is a heavenly day of eating all the things I want and love as a treat after the weeklong marathon of World Dairy Expo! We are unpacked now and sorting through the trailer load of everything we brought back, and will soon begin planning for the upcoming Open House.  I hope to be back painting in a day or two.  Stay tuned! Thanks for reading - Bonnie

Here's some excitement of travel to WDE; we saw the Oak Ridge Boys trailer! Wow, the first time I've seen a celebrity trailer on the road! We almost went off the road getting this picture! :)

Arrival to Expo. Let the unpacking begin!

Bonnie's booth in the Exhibition Hall 

Set up complete in the Coliseum!