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A Weekend At Clay Coyote!

I have finally fulfilled my 10 year promise to wonderful friends Tom & Betsy Wirt of Clay Coyote to be a guest artist at their Open House.  It was a gala event, with some of the most beautiful pottery and artistic treasurers ever, topped off with a spread of food fit for the Queen! I spent Friday through Sunday in the wonderful company of three other artist including Heather Goodrich of Bufton HandKnits, who knits hand made baby clothing, Kerry Brooks who produces beautiful and functional stoneware pottery and owns her own storefront in Minneapolis - Dock 6 Pottery , and Grow & Laura Toulh who produce sculptured jewelry from precious metal clays. Beautiful goods and beautiful people, it was a great weekend...thank you Tom & Betsy for this special opportunity. Back home....we have finished the harvest and now begin fall tillage.  We are thankful that things ran fairly safe and smoothly!  We did get 1/2" of rain, but hover on 'bone dry'!  This week - I'm crossing my fingers to get back to painting!!  Wish me luck : ) And last but not least....they FINALLY have Pumpkin Pie coffee creamer in the grocery store, what have they been waiting for!!! I can hardly wait for tomorrow morning - the best cup of Joe is one with Pumpkin written all over it! Thanks for reading..... Bonnie