A season to RENEW!

The world is bursting with beautiful spring colors, school is within two weeks of being 'out', and the highways are full of boats, campers and RV's heading somewhere for R&R!!  Summer is a season of renewal for many people.  A time to take vacation and head to the lake - fishing, camping, or just laying in the sun - it is a time to RENEW your physical and spiritual self by enjoying one of God's most wonderful gifts, nature and the great outdoors. 

For others, things as simple as leisurely walks in the sunshine, a campfire in the backyard, or sitting on the porch with a glass of sun brewed tea is the source of renewal.  Either way, these are some of the prompts that initiated my recent oil painting of 'RENEW'.  Replenishing our souls with activities to help us step back from the hustle and bustle of the year and demanding schedules of work and family TO DO's. 'RENEW' has become one of Bonnie Mohr Studio's best sellers, and gift items for gift giving and pure enjoyment in your own cabin or four-season porch.  RENEW is now available as a canvas giclee, print or note card. Simplify things for yourself and order it framed and ready to hang today!

On the personal side of my life....I am duct taped to my chair most of the day- painting, painting, painting to stay on schedule with paints for the children's book!!  Slightly behind schedule - but pressing onward optimistically :) I will share with you however, yesterday was a 'day out' for me, as I chaperoned my last field trip of my 'mom career' with our youngest Zach!  We toured the MN History Museum and State Capitol!  Nothing had changed since my last field trip there with one of the other kids, but it was a cherished day with happy memories made!  Thanks Zach for sharing the day with me :)  Be sure to check our Facebook page later today for a photo from the field trip! 

Thanks for reading, enjoy the season of RENEWAL!