March 22nd, 2018

The luck of the Irish was upon us last Saturday, as we hosted our GET LUCKY TAG SALE at Bonnie Mohr Studio and Glenmark Genetics!








It was a beautiful sunny pre-spring day, about 40 degrees and we whooped up the day with friends, family and a whole bunch of customers 







Thank you to everyone who came out and spent some time with us, we always treasure time with you and appreciate your loyalty!












Have fun scrolling through our pictures of the day - if you missed our event, no worries, we are open M-F from 8am - 5pm, we love company any time! Happy Spring to everyone - stay tuned for the debut of the three paintings I've just completed for the American Jersey Cattle Association - soooooooo exciting!!

Always good to see old friends...
...And talk about good cows....
...While your wife shops in the studio....
If you made it out, I'm sure you met our daughter Kate Keenan - the rockstar sale manager....
...You probably ate a green cookie (or three ;))......
...Pet a cute baby calf...
...held an even cuter baby!....
...wished you had gotten a green manicure....
...enjoyed some fresh country air....
...and simply being around good cows and good people...
...stayed for the company....
...and the fun....
....and remebered the good ol' days!
Thanks for reading- 
February 20th, 2018
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January 16th, 2018
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December 13th, 2017
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November 7th, 2017
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