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The art of Bonnie Mohr stimulates, engages, and inspires both the heart and the mind, from her rural, American pieces of country life to her poetic, peaceful images of inspiration. With each brush stroke, her timeless oil paintings are masterfully created to guide you down country roads along towering oak trees, through lush, green pastures of grazing cows, into the barnyard for chores and the backyard where her children play.

The essence of Bonnie’s art is that it reflects who she is, 100 percent. Every facet of her life is threaded into the canvas of her work, and after growing up and living on a dairy farm, she began painting her passion — cows. These serene, gentle beings were the first most subjects in Bonnie’s artistic journey, and over time, she grew into painting other domestic animals and rural, American scenes. Her collection speaks the look, the language, and the sentiments of farm and country life and human compassion.

More recently, Bonnie discovered her interest to write, and has since added inspirational artwork to her collection. Since painting her ever-famous piece, “Living Life,” Bonnie recognized a spiritual calling and driving new purpose to the meaning of her work; to encourage and calm people in today's busy world. Her inspiring paintings of familiar, everyday life are complimented with encouraging verses and will leave you with feelings of hope, and a heartfelt lift for the tough days of life, or when you just need a little reminder to stop and enjoy the moment — Bonnie's art communicates a lifting, loving voice one can appreciate in the everyday ups and downs of life.

We at Bonnie Mohr Studio thank you for sharing in her artistic journey of touching lives - through the beauty of her paintings and artwork. Your support brings purpose and meaning to her artwork – as she continues to grown as an artist and expand her portfolio. View her online collection here, and be inspired today.

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