Card - You and I

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I snapped a picture of a scene, similar to this, on my way home from an event with my kids one day. The two quilts, quietly drying in the sun, seemed to be communicating in some special way of some sort, as they flapped in the windy breeze. Set against a white clap-garage with rhubarb growing about, it reminded me of the home place where I grew up. I wrote a verse that tells my story of how this painting symbolizes two people traveling through life together. View more inspirational, anniversary, and wedding artwork by Bonnie Mohr.

We're meant to be We've worked, and danced, and played We've grown together You are my best friend Your dreams are mine, and mine yours If I could do it over again -I'd do it the same The HIS and the HERS Have become OURS Two - but really one I love you, Forever.

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You and I Verse © Bonnie Mohr Studio. All rights reserved. Verse may not be used or reproduced in any form without permission from Bonnie Mohr Studio.

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