One Summer Day

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On the quiet country roads of rural America, behind red barns and porch covered houses, cows still graze peacefully and are free to roam lush green pastures just as they should. View more barn, dairy, and Holstein artwork by Bonnie Mohr.

A personal note from Bonnie: This painting was inspired one day, as I went cross-country to the Twin Cities. As I raced along to get to my meeting, my heart stirred with a sense of peace and happiness as this herd of Holsteins caught a glimpse of me hurrying along, and I of them! We too, still graze our cattle on the banks of the Crow River by our dairy farm in Glencoe, MN. Are our cows happier and do they produce more wholesome milk because of it?...Maybe so! This was a heartwarming painting for me, and a true reflection of my lifestyle!


*Please Note: price reflects art image only. Frame not included.

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