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This colorful and fun artwork by artist Bonnie Mohr captures all of the barnyard farm animal characters: cow, sheep, billy goat, cat, white duck, rooster and hen. The classic old red barn in the background lends some rustic nostalgic Americana charm. View additional animal and note card artwork by Bonnie Mohr

A personal note from Bonnie: I had always wanted to do the 'Old McDonald' sort of feeling painting....and this was it. Some of my children were small when I did this piece and we would have 'The Backyardigans' TV show on, while I painted, and they watched this program.....thus, came my title idea 'Barnyardigans'. I'd imagine this gang chats about things, when we humans aren't around, just like in Charlotte's Web!


*Please Note: price reflects art image only. Frame not included.

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