A Peaceful Place

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This image is also available in a card.

Whether you live there, or long to be there...A Peaceful Place reflects that wide open place somewhere in the country, where there is both more and less. More fresh air, more quiet, more of natures natural sights and sounds, more gravel road, more interesting and unique buildings, crops and animals. And less noise, less traffic, less chaos, less clutter, less stoplights, less skyscrapers, less planes landing, and just less on many things we find in urban areas. The verse on this print, There is a wide open place with peace and calm where I long to be, invites us to travel, even in our mind, to a quiet and peaceful place where we can regain our normal senses and be filled with calm and comfort. The simple white barn, set against a magnificent playful sky with rolling clouds, and a near-harvest crop, displays a natural color pallet of the rural countryside, sure to be a decorating favorite. A Peaceful Place comes in a card and paper print.

A Peaceful Place Verse © Bonnie Mohr Studio. All rights reserved. Verse may not be used or reproduced in any form without permission from Bonnie Mohr Studio.


*Please Note: price reflects art image only. Frame not included.

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