World Dairy Expo

What a week it was! Hi friends, we are back from World Dairy Expo, just unpacked the trailer is a matter of fact. Diane, Carolyn, Jayne, John and Taylor - thank you so much for your efforts to help make it such a great week!! And a special thank you to Karen and Lana who were instrumental to pack for the show and kept the office running while we were away. An artist is only as good as the people who help her get the job done, with that said, I'm the luckiest artist in the world, because my staff did a whale of a job to make it a fun and successful show. It was great to see so many of you dairy friends too, thanks for your patronage, we hope you had fun shopping at our booth locations. I also learned that Wisconsin can have just as crazy weather as Minnesota - who would guess 88 degrees in October?, it was a very warm week. Pictured here are Charles and Judy Iager from Fulton, MD, special customers and friends who purchased several originals this past week. Thank you Charles and Judy, it is always a pleasure! Also pictured is the Bonnie Mohr Studio booth at the Exhibition Hall, and a shot of the Coliseum show arena ...all from World Dairy Expo. A special highlight for me this year at Expo, was to be a guest in the Fort Dodge Animal Health booth, where I personalized prints of Dawn of a New Day, Their customers filled out a survey card to qualify to receive a print. Thank you Fort Dodge, it was a privilege to be a part of your promotional program! We will be busy re-inventorying merchandise this week, and then getting ready for our upcoming Open Houses - as always, please stop in if your passing this way, or call with any questions you might have. Have a wonderful autumn day! Thanks for reading,