Welcome, Summer!

June 20th - the first official day of summer..... and the longest days of the year are upon us - what I wait for every year!  The days are busy, and everyone is scurrying around packing in as much summer fun and as many activities as possible.   We have had an abundance of rain in the past week or so, and it is making for a bumper mosquito crop - they are thick!  On the upside, the flowers, crops, and gardens are robust and growing like crazy.   I look forward to an abundant tomato yield, and should be into salsa making production in just 6 short weeks : )  During the next few days, I am working on final color correcting for the two new paintings I did for the National Holstein Association, getting them framed, and transported to Springfield, MO for the National Convention.  John and I will attend for a couple of days and I will be on hand for the unveiling....stay tuned, and we will be showing them and kicking off order-taking by July 1st on our website!  Then....on to something NEW!  I have some ideas...but will wait to share until I have something new going on the easel. Today, about 40 students who are a part of a 4H Interstate Exchange program toured the studio. The students were from Carver County in Minnesota and Cecil County in Maryland. Students participate in this program each year, and it consists of a "traveling exchange." Last year, the Carver County 4H-ers traveled to Cecil County in Maryland where the students showed them around their county and whatnot, and this year, the group of 4H-ers from Maryland traveled to Carver County to spend six days in Minnesota. The group toured an elk farm before coming to the studio and the group was then going to a sugar beet farm in Stewart. Here is a picture of the group. Don't they look great? Thanks for reading.....don't forget to submit your entry for the Milk Mustache contest!!!  Only 10 days remaining.......
Happy June,