Up in Lights!

It's a first for Bonnie Mohr Studio - we're endorsing our Holiday Open House this weekend with an electronic billboard in St. Boni, MN! No doubt, it is our closest experience to being "up in Hollywood lights" - so I thought we'd show it off! As we were passing through town last night, our first snowfall of the season was also gracing the billboard event! Ugh...it sure seems too early for snow, but it was festive as our Open House image flashed across the screen! Please consider this another cordial invite to attend our festive event this weekend - hope to see you here!

Life has been a bit of a test these past couple of weeks. In between decorating for the Open House, the furnace has been on the blink (working on and off again); we've experienced some serious computer problems; we are racing the clock to get the new catalog done; I've taken one trip to the emergency room with a child; and a crown popped off yesterday, taking the tooth with it. These are the days when you dig deep and focus on the blessings in your life and appreciate the things that ARE going right.

In between being a wife (of a dairy farmer - working to get the crops harvested), mom, and employer, the "artist" in me is screaming for some time and attention. There are days I find myself embracing the quote, "Slap on a little lipstick honey, you'll be fine." I guess if the lipstick is bright enough, you can detract attention from your tired eyes and an untidy hairdo!! All in all, though, we are in good shape! We embrace the new and exciting artwork arriving at the shop, and I know that I am just a few days away from once again settling back into my painting chair - woo hoo!

Remember to sign up on our website to receive the new catalog, scheduled to be out in just a couple of weeks now! Also brand new is the image, "On Angel Wings," with a beautiful and meaningful verse. Please see our November newsletter coming your way in the next few days - I think you're going to love this :)!

Embracing the chaos!!

Thanks for reading,