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The testing summer

Hi Everyone! This summer is proving to be a test.......of endurance, strength and energy! We are having lots of fun-filled busy days, and are enjoying all the usual summer activities that most families do. Between landscaping, cow shows, baseball games, driver's training, gymnastics meets, going to the pool and making hay, there isn't hardly time for painting! But my passion and love for it remains strong, and I manage a couple of painting hours most days. I am continuing to work on some new miniature original paintings, testing out some new techniques, styles and subject matter. They will be posted on my website later this summer to get a reaction from all viewers. We are enjoying summer tourists who stop by the studio on their travels...thanks for thinking of us, our door is always open to vacationers and those passing by. We had a special guest at the studio today, Mike Nistler, Co-Publisher and Editor of Minnesota Moments magazine (Diane Wimmer is his partner Co-Publisher). This publication will win your heart over if you have a love for rural Minnesota and all it's hidden back-road treasures. One of my newest winter paintings will be featured on the November - December cover.