The New Catalog is in Route!

Hello, hello - I bring good tidings - the new Bonnie Mohr Studio catalog is in the mail!! If I were a 10-year-old, I know I would be jumping up and down hollering "Yippee!" or shouting out "Hot Dog!" Creating this new catalog and getting it in the mail is like the Epiphany of our three-month journey. Kudos to my staff for their diligence and determination to get it in the mail before Thanksgiving -- I AM THANKFUL!! If you have signed up to receive a catalog or have purchased anything in the past 3 years, your catalog should be arriving momentarily : ) Good news -- if you don't fit either of these categories, sign up here, and we will send you one right away!!

I also wanted to tell you about two new pieces I have been working on, which didn't make the new catalog....(isn't that just how it goes - something becomes outdated the minute you print it!). But, on the other hand, it's good news because there are more new things to choose from -- especially with the holidays drawing close! Many of you have been asking for the "verse only" from THE BEAUTIFUL COW. It will be going on press next week, as a vertical 8x10 print. sure to check out the CUP OF LIFE. We have offered it in the past as an 8x10 with no wording (called YOUR CUP). This new version will be a vertical 10x14 print with a simple, yet truthful verse about life and the route to happiness! I think you will love this elegant and charming little piece of art. We will post both of these in the next week or so. 

Well, I need to get my apron on and put some supper on the table....I'm not quite Ree Drummond, but I am a Pioneer Woman myself, and the family needs something to eat! 

Stay warm & thanks for reading!