The annual Bianchi family reunion (my maiden name for those who are wondering!) , three summer birthdays, the 4th of July, grilling grilling and more grilling, campfires every night in the back yard, and a pile of cousin's staying overnight...You know it's summer time around here baby!  It is the one time of year I get to go on vacation and don't even have to leave home, I LOVE IT AND I LOVE HAVING FAMILY AROUND!  What you are about to witness is a pile of pictures showing you a pile of fun and a pile of love!  Welcome to my summer ; )

Jake arrived just in time from CO, where he is working with a heavy equipment company digging fiber-optics..I miss these big boy hugs!

Remi also just got back home from "dog training school"!!  He was gone a whole month...based on the fact that he is still digging my mulch up, I can tell we have a little more training to do yet ; ) 

Lucky thing he is so darn cute...or he would be in real trouble!!  Taylor joined the party too, even though she is now living in Minneapolis working for Target Corporation...I miss my kids!!  Thank goodness for holidays and summer reunions ; )

This is only half of the girl cousins...and good luck catching all the boys together for a photo!!

Hollywood, here we come!!  Hey everyone, meet Becky!  We are practically twins, only 11 months apart!  Yes, Yes...this is Becky, the one and only BECKY BAKES!  You will get a chance to try her cookies on July 15th at our Christmas in July Sale!! 

This is my firecracker baby, born on July 3rd at 11:13pm...I did think about holding back to get a 4th baby, but honestly folks, it's full speed ahead in that delivery room ; )

Kate and little nephew Harrison share the same Birthday...blow, spit, blow, spit, sometimes you just gotta do whatever it takes to get those candles!

Besides all this family hoopla, here are a few things you must think about:  (And yes, you are correct - there are no pictures of the fireworks...not much got off the ground to warrant blog space!!  LOL)

  1. Attending the July 15th Christmas in July Sale at Bonnie Mohr Studio
  2. Submitting your best Ice Cream photo - click HERE for more details

Party on fellow summer-party warriors....