Summer, Fall & everything in-between!

The days of summer are slipping away....the onset of autumn is definitely in the air!  And yes...I am fully engaged into pumpkin everything, wearing orange striped shirts, and I treated myself to these beautiful sunflowers today at Costco - only $8 bucks, you just can't go wrong ;)  Don't you just love them?! 

Although I am bummed by the shortening of the days, the falling leaves and turning colors make up for the loss of daylight!  John is almost done chopping corn silage, and will be harvesting high-moisture corn next week - this is an early season but the weather has been great - so we will take it!!

It was a busy day...I was 'on press' today at Anderberg with a card run - reprinting sold out and low inventory cards and Christmas Cards, and also my brand new piece CARDINAL VISITORS! (Check back tomorrow for the official unveil!!)  Things ran well today, despite what is a "gang run" - which means you are printing a lot of different images with different color pallets and there are usually some sacrifices on color for some of the images.  All in all, it was a great press run, and we will have these cards scored, cut, and packaged and ready for World Dairy Expo in just 3 short weeks! 

 Speaking of World Dairy Expo - we hope to see you there.....where?  Madison, WI, of course, October 2-6.  Just a heads up...we will not have two booth locations this year, we have relinquished our spot in the Exhibition Hall, but you can still find us in the West Lobby Entrance of the Coliseum....we can't wait to see you soon!!  For all of you who know and love Laura...just a heads up, she will not be there this year - she will be home tending to her new baby girl, Kirsten, yeah! We are so happy for her :)  But don't worry, the rest of the team will be there, we have not had babies lately!! 

So back to fall...does anyone out there like football?  Hey, how about those Vikings!!  Whoot whoot!  Hey, how about those GSL Panthers!  Zach is our last kiddo, a Junior at Glencoe Silver Lake, and as much as he loves Pre-Calc, he loves Football even more ;)  Take a look at their first game (which they won!!) and look at these 4 Oreo Cookie Salad recipes at the first team meal of the season...each mom put her own flare into the recipe, how cool is that!!

Well friends, the time has come for me to begin new paintings - inspirational, motivating, inspiring paintings..........what would you like to see?  What is it that you would like to see me paint that you would love to hang on your wall?  All ideas are currently being tossed into the ?think tank? ? please shoot me an email and let me know. is never to early to plan your day trip, girlfriend trip, or date trip to the Annual Bonnie Mohr Studio Open Houses! here for more details.  If you don't have time to click here, just put Nov. 2-3 and Nov.30-Dec.1 on your calendar right now, and plan to attend!  You will love the drive, love the food, and love the art - I will be on hand to personally greet you as well!

Stay safe friends, and happy harvesting.....see you in a few weeks in Madison, WI