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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

On the easel-Living Today

Happy Valentines Day - wishing you rich chocolate, beautiful flowers, and out-to-eat excursions! As much as this is a special day to romance your sweetheart, comes the delight that the days are getting longer and spring is getting closer.  Fellow Minnesotan's can attest that this has been one long, 'good ole' fashioned' winter.  The snow and cold has been a real test, especially for those who have outdoor a dairy farmer for example!  The new year brings a renewed anticipation for what's in store this year at Bonnie Mohr Studio. For starters, I am currently working on a new piece called 'Living Today'.  This painting - with verse, is a sequel to 'Living Life' which many of you know and love.  Plans are to have it ready for purchase by mid April, perfect timing for the upcoming 'Graduation Gift Giving Season!'  (Say that three times fast!!)  Check back for a sneak preview in a couple of weeks.    I have several other exciting new paintings planned, following that.  The height of the year will arrive (hopefully) by July/August, at which time, the long awaited 'new catalog' will be produced, including the entire collection of my art, both old and new.  With that said, there is no time to waste - back to the easil!  From the book: LIVE GOOD: Live while you live,  "Not to go out and do your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine   Thanks for reading.... Bonnie