November Happenings

Face to Face Autumn by Bonnie Mohr

I don't ever remember mowing the lawn in November!! We have yet to have a killing frost in MN - what a beautiful autumn we have had and continue to enjoy ;) This means that yes...we are still mowing lawn, raking leaves, digging the carrots out of the garden, and putting up Christmas decorations all at the same time - no wonder I am confused! Throw into this mix that it is deer hunting season around our place and everywhere else, we are in the middle of our Open House schedule and I am planning a shower for our daughter Kate this weekend (who is getting married in January) and life is definitely at full throttle.....what does that mean anyway? The dictionary says, full throttle means:

"if a person or a machine is at full throttle, they are doing something as well and with as much energy as they can"

Yup....that is life around here right now (Oh, did I mention I am also on the Bachelorette Party Committee ;) There is absolutely no time to hit the snooze button these days....that will come in February after the wedding!

Just a quick 'mom bragging moment', Jake got an 8 point buck this past week - deep in the heart of our woods....gotta love how these country boys operate....a good ole' farm boy- pull got this deer up to their truck!  

Thank you, thank you to everyone who stopped by for our Open House this past weekend ;)  It was a fabulous turnout and so wonderful to see everyone!  A Gala Event - just look at these Gala Gals!

Laura & Lisa - hard at work - thank you girls for doing such a great job!!

So awesome to see great friends each year!

As you can see....all ages love ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS!! (The perfect gift for everyone this year!) the little fella in the Under Armor doesn't really look all that thrilled to be here....after all he'd rather be deer hunting!

Serious - only 3 cookies left at the finish (we started with 400!!) 

From the bottom of my heart.....Thank you for your friendship and support, it really is the best part about being an Artist ;) If you couldn't make it to our November Open House be sure to mark your calendars and attend our December Open House Dates... Click HERE for more information!