Moving with life!

This is a BIG week at Bonnie Mohr Studio!  The climax of the climb!  It is now just a little past 6 months since we began the complete renovation at our shop, and yesterday we gave birth to our new originals gallery with the hanging of all current originals in that room! 

 My life is filled with tugs of new adventure and change each day, forcing me to grow and learn new things.  For example, I learned how to operate a scissors lift yesterday in this painting hanging ceremony!  Quite honestly, even geared up with my "farm-girl, tractor driving abilities" I was surprised how intimidated I felt trying to operate and maneuver this big thing around the studio, and quite apprehensively at that on our new epoxy floors!  A small gash at the bridge of my nose while climbing on (so nervous I didn't even see the steel pull-bar as I was climbing on this monster) was my only fatality.  I escaped without breaking my glasses, and gracefully fell off the machine, thinking "well I won't do that again"...childhood memories of my dad's words echoed through my head "be more careful Bonnie," and so I chalked it up and moved through the rest of my day.  This morning however, let me just say, I've never had a broken nose, but am wondering if I might have do you take care of a broken nose anyway?  Today I wish I could wear contacts, the pain of my feather light glasses is giving me a headache and nose ache already and it's only 5am!  Thankfully I am a tough farm girl ; ) 

On to the "change" part of this happy little home is on the move once again!  Following two delightful graduation ceremonies and parties in May, our house is downsizing by two of our children! My Jacob is on the job, working in Montana and Colorado, home only a couple of weekends this summer.  Seems like just yesterday he was this energetic 12 year old! (Notice the blue pool? And the barn window? Now this is fun times on a farm... just go inside that barn, climb on the white 5 gallon feed pail and jump through that window!! (Don't even ask me about the neon green grass...not sure how that happened!)  

Do I miss him?  Is the grass green?  How is it that you have 18 years to get ready for this moment, and you are still not ready for them to leave home?  Meanwhile, Taylor is busy loading her car as we speak; she leaves for Minneapolis soon to begin her new job at Target!  This will be the second time she will be moving out (first time for college) and I have to re-learn all the domestic skills of taking care of everything myself, again.  Funny how you get used to having such great help around to ease the chores of everyday life, everyday!  Speaking of change...I did it!  I finally went out and bought and replaced my cracked toilet seat of almost 5 years! How can anyone sit on a cracked toilet seat for 5 years and not be irritated or bothered?  I did.  It happened during a period of life where I was in a BIG RUSH...ALL THE TIME!!  A series of "bad-luck" things were snagging my world, many of which were self induced...slamming my toilet seat down one day, resulted in a crack that left me feeling "awakened" to the crazy lady pace I'd become, and so I resolved to leave it there as a reminder to "slow down," "smell the roses," and for goodness sake be aware of your surrounds and be careful to not sit on the crack!  Lots of changes around here, including a new approach to taking and enjoying life one day at a time, including a brand spankin-new toilet seat! 

Be safe, embrace the change, and enjoy summer...