life these days...

Two weeks have passed now since we've returned from World Dairy Expo!  It was another great year, filled with good hugs, returning customers, and great cows of course!  Thank you everyone for making it another wonderful year.  It was also a once in a lifetime, Dairy Shrine Banquet event for me, as I was bestowed the Guest of Honor Award!  What a special evening, and a highlight I will always treasure!  Thank you family and friends for sharing this special evening with me!

Autumn on the farm is definitely GO TIME!!  This year is no exception, and the weather always plays lead role in this fall production!  We are dodging rainfall and trying to get the crop in.  We hope to begin combining corn today - it looks like a good crop, fingers crossed!  Prayers for a safe and abundant fall harvest to all farmers! 

Here are two of my guys - John and Jake, sundown and still working hard!

Speaking of the fall bounty...Taylor is getting settled into her Target Job in downtown Minneapolis, but was able to make a weekend excursion to a north side Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake...YUM!!

Meanwhile, brother Zach is working hard on the football field!  Playoffs begin this week, GSL goes into with a 7-1 record...very impressive boys!  There goes our number 12...Zach Mohr!!  Good Luck GSL Panthers!! 

Would you believe the team even has their very own signature Oreo Cookie Salad? This is definitely a "souped up version" of the recipe I have...I guess when you are a Football player, you get to have all the extra calories...this is one yummy recipe!

And a finally, some very important reminders ;)  We are getting ready for the November 3-4 Grand Re-Opening of Bonnie Mohr Studio and hope you will be able to join us!!  If you are tied up that weekend, we have options!! We will celebrate the holiday season with a gala Open House Event on December 1-2.  More details HERE!

Get one before they are gone!!  The 2018 Cow Calendars are going fast!! Order yours today HERE, or give us a call at 800.264.6647!

Enjoy these wonderful days of autumn - go ahead and whoop it up with a roll in the crunchy leaves and a side of s'more! 

Love to all,