June Dairy Month

Our family has long loved and celebrated June - two big events take center stage, National Dairy Month and Father's Day! 

This month, Bonnie Mohr Studio celebrates June Dairy Month with weekly specials on our Facebook page, click HERE to learn more!  We honor and thank dairy families across the country who embrace this labor of love 365 days a year.  Growing up on a dairy farm, and now owning our own Holstein dairy farm, it is a lifestyle that I cherish and am passionate about.  It is the best place in the world I can think of to raise a family and teach your children about real life lessons and the importance of team work and responsibility.  It can also mean being late for everything all the time (as either a cow is calving, the heifers got out, or there is a sick cow and you have to wait for the vet). As they say 'for better or worse' - it is a package deal - and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

My career has also been largely influenced by the beautiful cow and the dairy industry.  When I began painting some 25 years ago, the 'wildlife' craze was KING!  Everyone who had any amount of artistic talent was painting deer, pheasant, duck, and fish.  This seemed  'Greek' to me, and so I painted what I knew and loved, cows.  It quickly became the staple to my career and the comfort zone I loved and worked hard to master.  Looking back, I am thankful! Because of the cow, I've had a wonderful career, a wonderful life, and a great place to raise a family!  View my collection of 68 dairy images on the Bonnie Mohr Studio website HERE....

Enjoy the month of June and go ahead - dish yourself up a creamy bowl of ice cream today! 

Thanks for reading,