In the Studio

Just in, are pictures of "Best Agri-Marketing's" new truck, of Tulare CA! This new truck will be a training vehicle used to promote herd health and management with dairy farmers and dairy related businesses in California. They contacted our studio a couple of months ago to see about using some of our 'cow' images on the sides of their truck, and, "wha-laa" - it turned out beautiful and will be a fun attraction on the highways of California. There are a lot of creative ways to use artwork to promote your business, decorate a truck, or touch up the inside of an office building wall with a mural. Please let us know if we can help assist you with a fun project idea like this! That's it for today, I'd better get back to baking cookies, wrapping presents and shipping out last minute orders!! Have a wonderful week, May God Bless you and remember the "Reason for the Season!" Thanks for reading,