In the Studio

Lots of packages are headed out the door for the holidays! We hope you will find the things you need for your gift giving at Bonnie Mohr Studio, and don't forget about the 'buy 3 get one free offer' (just think about it - 3 great gifts for others, and the perfect chance to get a free gift for yourself!!) Also, just a reminder about our drop ship program, you can now order your print complete in matting and frame and get it shipped anywhere you like! Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... December 5, 2008 ...the snow has hit, and it's not kidding. We officially look like WINTER here in Minnesota. We received about 4 inches last Saturday and another 3-5 today - everything is covered in white crystallized snow flakes!! We are busy with the usual holiday decorating, Christmas Concerts, and drinking lots and lots of HOT CHOCOLATE!! There isn't much time for painting right now, as the season's demands have me doing lots of other things with my family. Hope to get back to the studio though in the next week or two and get started with new paintings for 2008. Have a wonderful week everyone. Thanks for reading!