In the Studio

At Bonnie Mohr Studio,.. life stays busy. My apologies for 'no blog' last week, but since I hosted Thanksgiving Day at our house, it pretty much ruled. Things went off without a hitch!! The turkey was juicy, the potatoes were lumpless and the fixin's were all delicious! Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday. My list of gratitude and thanks for those I love and the blessings I have is long. With the new flag poles now up and the flags that sail over our farm yard, I am also reminded how thankful I am to be an American. The freedoms, the rights, and the blessings we all enjoy are possible because we live in this wonderful country of America - because of brave soldiers who defend our nation, because of great leaders, because of hard working laborers, and the list goes on. We are more privileged than we will ever know! We've also wrapped up three weekends of Holiday Open House at the Studio, thanks to all who attended, it was our pleasure. We will continue to be open Saturdays in December from 9a-1p for your shopping convenience, and of course our normal M-F, from 9a-5p. Please let us know if you can help in any way.