In the Studio

IN THE STUDIO ... I am not! Where do these days go? What's going on? Do you ever have those times when the whole week seemed like a brief moment and you can't figure out why you didn't get the really important things done? When your 'TO DO' list is as long on Friday as it was on Monday? I'm having one of those weeks. Between the 4-H meeting, Home and School meeting, driving for gymnastics, shuttling kids for religion class, getting groceries, a trip to the Orthodontist, and working the concession stand at the Football Game, I am weary and have not even gotten into the studio. We also managed (in between all the rain) to mason the new stone wall between the studio and house this past weekend - looks great - thank you John, Tong and Leo (and me too!) !! And then, lets not forget about the socks - who hates matching socks as much as we do at our house? After avoiding this tedious task for more than 3 months, we (I mandated) decided to tackle this job on Sunday night. Would you believe that almost two laundry baskets of socks can accumulate in such a short period of time. My kids tried to assure me that this was an unnecessary task, and that all the kids just grab from the basket and wear mix-match socks to school - nice try!! After 30 minutes into this job, it turned into a sock fight, and we ended up laughing and rolling in the sea of socks!! I was abandoned by everyone within an hour and continued to match the best I could for the next hour and half - what should I do with all these left over socks? I'm thinking - throw?! And now, really thinking about all these things, I believe that these things too, are the important things that need to be done - and that being a mom comes first, and an artist second - but don't worry, I have put "Getting in to the Studio" at the top of my 'TO DO' list for next week! Thanks for reading, have a happy day!