Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, now that I'm grown up and married, there aren't many Valentine exchanges going on in my world, and I certainly don't need any more chocolate coming off the holidays...and so on Valentine's Day, my heart turns to someone I've always been infatuated with - CUPID! Imagine that, a little undressed angelic fairy, flying about, spreading the love connection! One of my all-time favorite artists remains to be William-Adolphe Bouguereau, a French academic painter and traditionalist who lived during the 1800s. His work is amazing and takes my breath away - and so on this SWEET day of love and romance, I thought I would share one of his wonderful paintings with you. Here is "Cupid on the Lookout" - One of my favorites!

From "still cold and snowing in MN," I am locked in the studio working on the beginnings of a new children's book....more details soon.