Dear blog readers; a heartfelt apology for the huge delay in my blogging efforts! No excuses - pure reality. I just haven't been able to get to it... until now. Sometimes life is busier than we can hardly handle. My plate is not only full, it "runneth over". But, I vow to embrace the beautiful things on my path and always "do the best I can" ! Spring has been absolutely gorgeous here in MN this year! It came early, unfolded itself, and has covered us with lots of sunshine, beautiful spring rains, and many 70 degree temperature days. Most all the crops are in, the cows are out to green pastures, and the countdown for school days remaining is on!

AROUND THE STUDIO.... I once was a 'morning person', and then, over time, I became an 'anytime, whenever I can get to it' person, and most recently have evolved into a '24 hours a day' person, working through the night if I have to, in order to meet deadlines. Well, those of you who have walked this path, know, that this concept only lasts so long, and pretty soon, you are going backwards re-doing all the things you thought you were accomplishing in the middle of the night, only get up after a 2 hour nap and realize that you have to redo half of it anyway, because you were so tired that what you thought looked great, really wasn't!! And life goes on!! The Hoard's Dairyman painting project which I have been working on, has been a 'larger than life' effort for me in these recent weeks. And the whole problem with deadlines, is that once you commit to a deadline, everything else in your world hinges on that commitment too! And so, the days and nights have become a blend in my world, but the painting is looking GREAT! You can go to www.hoards.com and check out the progress I'm making on this new painting creation. Pre-press orders will be taken soon, in the May issue of Hoard's Dairyman, and the new painting will grace the cover of their June issue! Please check our website for months special - but for you loyal blog readers - let's celebrate spring ! I'm offering my 8×10 of Robin's Nest (regularly $20) for only $10, until my next blog posts! Don't delay - I'm planning to post much sooner than I did this time! Wishing you lots of blooming flowers, time to fly a kite, and pure enjoyment during these wonderful spring days. Thanks for reading!