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HAPPY NEW YEAR, and welcome to Bonnie's Big Blog! With the lapse of a couple weeks and an absentee on the blog, I've decided to super-size this weeks entry to bring everyone up to speed in the life and times of Bonnie Mohr Studio and all the happenings around here! Happy Reading
COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... For those who don't know - we were hit hard with a Christmas Blizzard in MN, about 20" fell in three days. It was a lot of work for John and the kids and yet so beautiful at the same time. As my oldest daughter said, "it was like a Christmas Party for Jesus, and the snow fell like confetti to celebrate his birth!" Sometimes we are forced to 'Plan B', and it is then we see new things in the beauty around us and the people who are closest to us! All that snow did come to an end, only to be replaced by subzero weather conditions. We awoke to 30 below this morning. Thankfully, John sold off part of the 'switch group' (the extra cows to be switched in and out of the barn for milking) last week, so there are a few less to be milked! We march on, continuing to pray for better milk and commodity prices this year. God Bless America's farmers!!
AROUND THE STUDIO... The sweetness of accomplishment was ever noticeable in my heart and in the smile on my face on December 23rd. Just 4 short weeks ago, I began a commission painting for Shelley Hardy, (Hardy Holsteins), as a surprise Christmas gift for her husband Gregg for Christmas. Through the Open House Schedule of Bonnie Mohr Studio, tending to 5 children of my own, a dairy farmer husband, holiday entertaining and preparing for our own Christmas... lets just say I was up against the clock. So much in fact that I painted through the night Monday Dec. 21 and through the next day of the 22nd until midnight in order to make deadline. The morning of the 23rd began with 3 extra strength Excedrin and then off to the framer for the final touch on this painting. Diane (my office Manager) and I then packed it up and UPS had it on the road by 1pm that day. I prayed and sweated it out, hoping it would arrive to MI by noon the 24th (especially as the snowstorm was moving in!) and be under Shelley's tree on the morning of the 25th. Thank you God - it made it!! Not only did I have the joy of Jesus's Birth in my heart this Christmas, but pure bliss and happiness of knowing that one of my paintings might make some else's Christmas extra-ordinary! In hindsight - it almost seems like a blur, but pushing yourself to the limit, once in a while, creates some of the most memorable moments in your life - almost like being in a triathlon. I have taken off a week to enjoy the holidays with my family, but am anxious to get back to work - very soon!
FAMILY MATTERS... What can I say. I am so lucky to be blessed with a wonderful family! During the last 10 days of Christmas Vacation - we have enjoyed sledding at Rocket Hill, attended wrestling meets, lots of card games, watching movies together, baking Christmas cookies, building snowmen, and certainly ate lots of good food and spirits... but mostly shared family togetherness. We spent our New Year's Eve with the usual 'popcorn-movie' setting in our basement - all snuggled together - and in bed by 10:30pm. I knew January 1st would come once again, even though I was fast asleep. What matters most is what I will accomplish in the new year while I'm awake - so for myself, and everyone who is reading - I wish you PEACE, HAPPINESS, WELL BEING, AND THE DESIRE TO MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN IN THE YEAR AHEAD. From our Family to yours... God Bless, and thanks for reading! Bonnie Fun facts and useless information about Bonnie Mohr that you've always wondered but been afraid to ask !! I am definitely a morning person - favorite wake-up time is 4am. Put on the coffee and go to work upstairs in my studio!