Happy August!!

And the winners are...

THANK YOU for your stupendous audience participation in helping me to name the Farm Animal Series animals!!  I love, love, love your comments and suggestions, and found it super helpful in trying to come up with the perfect names for these farmyard friends!  Here are the names I've settled on;

Colby the Cow

Piper the Pig

Derby the Duck

Sherlock the Sheep

Henry the Horse

Ruby the Rabbit

Raleigh the Rooster

Dakota the Dog

Clive the Cat

Gracey the Goat

The canvas giclees of this new 10-part series are in production now, and will be available to ship September 1st - watch for them to come on our website soon!  This is so exciting  ;)

Summer sunrises are one of my favorite things, and the view from my 2nd floor studio seems even more impressive!  This was just this morning...

And this was last week!

And the week before that!

I'm sure you all have great sky pictures too, but for some reason, I never get sick of looking at beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures!

Our summer has been filled with lots of company, yeah!  That always means a mini-vacation for me, right in the middle of all the normal everyday hoopla - I get a chance to sit down on the front porch (or anywhere for that matter) and have a glass of wine and relax!  Our good friends Ron and Connie from California dropped in this past weekend!

Lots of activity on the farm these days...bull sales have been strong this summer - it helps with the farm cash flow and is a wonderful workout on days John can't get to the gym LOL! 

The thing is, you just never know which way they are going to go next

There we go...into the barn, and onto the trailer!

And here is how to handle all the pressures that go along with running a business, gardening, pickling, painting, parenting, and everything else...I snapped a pic of this recipe while waiting in some waiting room recently...I've tried it...I loved it!...and I think you will too!  Doesn't this sound nice? 

Happy August.....love,