Graduation: A Recap

Welcome to the 2017 Mohr Family Graduation Pageant of pictures...a very bittersweet moment of a mother's life.  A time to celebrate the accomplishments of your children, and all they have grown to become, and the tender awakening of reality that it's time to "let go". 

Last Monday, we celebrated our daughter Taylor's graduation from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.  What an accomplishment and was a joyful celebration...she will begin work with Target Corporation July 17th!

Carlson hosted a reception the night before for the graduates, family and friends (photo booth and all ;) ) 

After our Starbucks coffee the next morning, we headed down to the Stonearch Bridge for a few photos: 

Followed by a final stroll through campus: 

Completed with a dual degree - and a diploma to prove it!!

On to Jacob's senior moments:

Getting ready to leave the house for the Commencement Ceremony!

He did it, it is official, you will need to get a job now and fill your own gas tank, son! 

What is a party without cake...lots and lots of cake!!

Despite the rain, the people came, the party went on, and we had FUN, FUN, FUN!

The pulled pork we served was the best ever...compliments of Luke and Jerad Alsleben!  Cousin Dylan joined in this pic, and our Jake is in the red!

For real!!!!!!  See!!!!  The meat was fresh, tasty,  and melt in your mouth delicious!  Thanks guys ; )  

Can you pick out the graduate here??? 

What a week!  I was too tired for a Vlog this we hope you have enjoyed this candid camera behind the scenes look at our graduation week!  Where ever you are...I hope you are getting your corn planted, hay made, and preparing to embrace summer and all the fun activities that go with it!

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!