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Fun Dairy Facts

In honor of June Dairy Month, we found some fun facts about the dairy industry we couldn't help but share.
1. Out of all the flavors of ice cream, did you know vanilla is America's favorite? Also, it takes 12 pounds of whole milk just to make one gallon of ice cream and it takes 21 pounds of whole milk to make one pound of butter!
2. According to the Midwest Dairy Association, there are 51,481 dairy farms in the United States, and in Minnesota, there are 4,325 licensed dairy herds. John and Bonnie Mohr operate one of these :)
3. Did you know a typical dairy cow weighs 1,400 pounds and consumes about 50 pounds of dry matter each day?
4. One of oddest facts we found is that several unusual flavors of ice cream have been created, including avocado, garlic, pumpkin and hot-dog!
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