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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

FRIDAY from World Dairy Expo!

The show is going great!  The crowd is lively this year and the cows seem even more spectacular than usual.  All 7 of the major dairy breeds are represented at this show.  The various breeds have their "show day", and the culmination of the week is tomorrow, Sat. October 8th at 4pm for the Parade of Champions, at which time the Supreme Champion of the show is chosen.  If you have never been a spectator at this event - it is something to put on your list of TO DO...set to music, creative lighting, and the most beautiful cows in the world make this an extraordinary event! Our Question of the Day is: Q: Which is better for shipping artwork, tube or flat? A: Both options work well and for most, it is mostly a personal choice.  Rule of thumb is, however, the more expensive the art print, the more likely you will want to have it shipped flat.  On rare occasions, humidity or heat conditions could alter the rolled carriage of an art print, causing it to have "roll marks".  Removing the print from the tube can also sometimes be tricky if it is not rolled in tissue paper or rubber banded - for this reason, we do pack our prints in tissue or rubber bands.  Another key point to realize is that if you order a print in a tube, it is best to remove it and flatten it within a 30 day period.  Prints stored in a tube long term can develop "roll marks" which will take some time to 'flatten out'. Thanks for reading - I better get back to the show!! Bonnie