Football, Food & Friends...

And what about those MN Vikings!  WOW!!  For anyone who missed the Sunday game against the New Orleans Saints, kick yourself, LOL!  Coming from the mouth of a 'fair weather fan', I'm telling ya - this was truly great football at its best!!!!  With 10 seconds to go, the MN Vikings' Stefon Diggs stoked a 61 yard touchdown to win the game in one of the post season's most thrilling finishes and win the game 29 to 24!  Be sure to tune in this Sunday evening when the Philadelphia Eagles will host our Vikings for the final playoff game with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl!  GO VIKINGS!! I am actually considering going out to buy a MN Vikings shirt today!  Sometimes, you just gotta get on the band wagon!  Meanwhile, winter marches on in MN!

What do we do for fun?...well ice fishing of course!  My boys are loving it and spend every minute they are not working, going to school or playing Basketball out on the frozen lakes of MN!  Me?  No thanks ;)  But, I do keep the kitchen on fire with lots of great food for their return home.  Yesterday, I whipped up potato pancakes, a great MN favorite recipe! So simple...check out the recipe at the end of this blog post....Yum Yum!  You can serve these delectables with apple sauce, butter, ketchup, pancake syrup or anything else you want!  They are delicious and filling!

What else do we Minnesotan's do to pass the time when we are locked up indoors from 20 below temps?  Well, we LOVE to play cards ;)  John and I are part of our neighborhood Sheephead club - now you just can't have much better of a time than this! 

Part of our group!  (Don't let their sweetness fool you...we all are out to win!)

We rotate from house to house, once a month - host house puts out the spread!  Have a look!  I hosted this past weekend.

If you have bad cards, no worries we only play for nickels and there is always plenty of good food and drink to take your mind off it! 

But in the's really about having something fun to do, to help pass these cold winter nights!

In between cooking and playing cards...I have been busy painting!  Most recently, I completed two paintings of these Dutch Belts for Ron in California!  They shipped out last week, and despite the mud slides, arrived safe and sound with the help of Fed Ex!  Ron has the largest herd of Dutch Belt Dairy Cows in the United States.  Meet 'Poppy' (the cow) and 'Viceroy' (the handsome bull)!!  Here they are hanging in Ron's office!

I'm off to find myself a Vikings shirt now...GO VIKINGS!

Thanks for reading!